This Ancient Remedy “Treats All Diseases” HIV, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, STDs, Arthritis

Black seed oil (also called black cumin seed or Nigella sativa) has been scientifically proved to be an incredible anti- cancer treatment in animal studies, and its effect can be applied in the case of several cancer types.

This beneficial herb grows in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea and India, and Thymoquinone is its most popular active ingredient.

Namely, this oil and its extract thymoquinone are amazing in the treatment of numerous different inflammatory issues, as well as in the case of various types of cancer, including cervical cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, bone cancer, lymphoma, stomach cancer, colon cancer, melanoma skin cancer, and pancreatic cancer. Black cumin seed oil prevents cancer cell activity and is able to different cancer cells types.

The positive effects of the black seed oil have been confirmed in numerous studies conducted in the past several decades, and it has been also found that there are only small risks of negative side- effects. Yet, researchers have rarely elevated their work to a higher level, that is, to human clinical testing.

This article will discuss the findings of numerous studies which have pointed out that this oil is extremely beneficial in preventing and treating different cancer types.

However, conventional medicine still hasn’t approved it as a useful treatment. There are a few issues linked to this problem, as some political pressures which postpone clinical research with human cancer patients, and drug companies which would normally not benefit from this oil, and would rather suppress its use.

Black Seeds have been used to Treat Cancer for Thousands of Years

Two separate studies conducted in 2011 by Chinese and Saudi Arabian researchers, examined the scientific literature concerning the use of this oil and its benefits in the case of cancer and found that it is a completely safe and effective cancer treatment.

Moreover, they showed that black seed oil has been used for centuries, and it, as well as its extracted ingredient, thymoquinone, provides incredible effects in the case of numerous health conditions, like diabetes, kidney disease, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular complications, etc.

Furthermore, this remarkable oil is a powerful agent in fighting skin, cervix, prostate, breast, lung, kidney, liver cancer, as well as in cancer in the blood system.

According to these researchers, the molecular mechanisms responsible for its anti-cancer role are still not clear enough. Yet,  thymoquinone was found to act as an antioxidant and to boost the defense system of the body.

Black seed oil causes apoptosis, so it promotes a systematic elimination of cells which are no longer needed, are old, or unhealthy ( as cancer cells), and does not release toxins into the body. Moreover, this beneficial oil is also responsible for the control of the Akt pathway, that it, the process that helps the survival of normal and cancer cells.

The strong cancer- fighting properties of this oil have been used and recognized for ages, yet, this traditional health miracle has become a subject of research of modern science in the last 2 or 3 decades.

Black Seeds and Honey

A research conducted in Egypt examined the beneficial effects of the combination of bee honey and Nigella grains on the oxidative stress and the created cancer.

The research was conducted on rats that were subjected to a strong carcinogen. Rats were divided into four groups and exposed to the same carcinogen, but some of them were given black seeds or honey, and one of the groups was given a combination of honey and black seeds. Rats were examined for a period of 6 months.

At the end, the findings showed that rats that consumed black seeds were 80% protected against oxidative stress and cancer formation while those that were given a daily dose of the combination of black seeds and honey enjoyed a full, 100% protection against oxidative stress, cancer formation, and inflammatory responses.


Black Seed Oil Helps In The Case Of Radiation Treatments

A study conducted in Turkey in 2014 demonstrated that black seed oil may help individuals while receiving radiation treatment for cancer. In this case, patients experience numerous severe side effects due to the radiation.

Therefore, researchers tried to evaluate the effects of irradiation and the addition of this oil on the oxidant/antioxidant system in the liver tissue of irradiated rats. Some rats were exposed to a single dose of gamma radiation.

The control group was not irradiated.  Moreover, one group was given one gram of black seed oil per kilogram of body weight an hour before the radiation treatment and a daily dose afterward for a period of 10 days.

Another group of rats received the radiation treatment and afterward received a saline solution instead of black seed oil. Findings pointed out that black seed oil has strong antioxidant properties, which also increases the antioxidant capacity in the rats’ liver tissue, and also lowers oxidative stress markers.

Hence, researchers proved that the use of this miraculous oil before or 10 days after a radiation treatment prevented the detrimental effect of radiation.

Scientists in India conducted another study in 2012 and examined the effect of the black seeds on mice exposed to gamma radiation. They tested two groups of mice: one normal group and one consisting of tumor-bearing mice.

The aim was to mimic the human clinical setting where normal tissues of cancer patients are subjected to the detrimental effects of the therapy with radiation.

Before gamma radiation, mice received 100 mg of black seed extract per 1 kg of body weight. Findings demonstrated that the extract of black seed provides prevents liver, spleen, brain and intestine damage due to gamma radiation in the case of normal and mice with tumors.

Hence, it was concluded that this extract prevents the destroying effects of radiation, and protects against biochemical alterations. This property was found to be due to its powerful antioxidant properties and its ability to scavenge free radicals.

Therefore, it can play a major role in human cancer patients who receive radiation in order to protect against oxidative stress in normal tissues, and to reduce other side effects of the radiation therapy. This would significantly improve the quality of their lives.

Black Seeds Prevent Uncontrolled Cell Growth and combats Liver Cancer Cells

The use of thymoquinone, a compound derived from black seeds, was examined in a study in 2013 in India. Researchers studied 2 groups of rats with liver cancer, and one group received water that had 0.01% thymoquinone, and the other group consumed plain water.

Then, the tumor markers, liver cancer nodules, and liver injury markers  were evaluated in both groups after 4 months. Those rats that did consume the thymoquinone had a significant rise in the size of the liver tumor.

On the other hand, the other rats that had 20 mg of thymoquinone per kilogram for body weight had significantly lowered liver injury markers and reduced tumor markers. Moreover, these rats did not develop liver cancer nodules, and the amount of new tumor formation was much less when compared to rats from the other group.

This led to the conclusion that  thymoquinone acts beneficially in the liver cancer treatment since it successfully inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells.

Another Egyptian study from 2012 examined the cancer- fighting effects of bee honey and black seed oil on human liver cancer cells in laboratory experiments.

They evaluated the antioxidant power of honey and black seed extract, and their ability to combat unhealthy cells. Eventually, it was found that both of these were incredibly effective in reducing the liver cancer cells growth. Moreover, they caused a death of cancer cells by apoptosis and enhanced the antioxidant status of cells.

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