This 75-Million-Year-Old Rock Formation In Thailand Looks Like A Crashed Spaceship

If you ever go to Thailand, make sure you visit the spectacular 75-million-years old rock formation in Bueng Kan.

Many people love to travel the world, as it is one of the best ways to open your mind.  This Earth is home to many wonders. Travelling takes us out of our comfort zone and throws us into new, undiscovered places, where we can learn, embrace adventures, and share meaningful experiences.

It challenges us and teaches us to adapt to and explore new surroundings. Being exposed to new places, people, traditions, history, and cultures, is very important for creating a wider world view.

If you ever go to Thailand, we have a suggestion for you! There is a rock formation there, that, depending on how you look at it, resembles a lot of things.

Some claim it looks like a crashed spaceship, while others maintain it looks like a family of blue whales, and this is where it gets its name -Three Whale Rock.

The 75-million-years old rock formation in Bueng Kan, Thailand’s newest province, Hin Sam Wan, or Three Whale Rock, is a sight definitely worth seeing! The tops of the rocks are eroded from people walking on them, so they look like metallic copper.

Yet, note that you have to be in good physical shape, at least to an extent, as you will need to do some hiking to get some pretty amazing views from the top!

There are nine different trails you can choose from, and every single one offers different things: nature, waterfalls, and wildlife. You won’t make a mistake whatever you choose!

When on top of the Three Whales Rock, you can see the beaches of Mekong, the Sadok rapids, the Phu Wua Forest, the Bang Bat Brook, and the mountains of the Pakkading district of Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

However, plan to spend the entire day there, as both, the sunrise and sunset from the top are exceptional!


Every year, millions of tourists visit Thailand, so the country focuses on protecting its most valuable resource.

Back in 2011, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) created the 7 Greens Initiative to promote sustainable tourism all over the country.

The 7 Greens initiative’s guidelines are established to help manage tourism in a way that protects the natural landscape and wildlife so that tourists can enjoy tourist sites like the Three Whale Rock for many years in the future.

Being respectful and responsible as a tourist is essential. Whenever you go, make sure you treat people who live there and their traditions with respect, appreciate nature and wildlife, do not throw litter and do not take things from the places you visit.

Moreover, it would be useful to do some research prior to your visit to a place, to learn and understand the culture of the area better.