They Said that Consuming Coconut Oil is Good for You: Here is What They Didn’t Tell You

Unless you have been off the grid for the past few months (or even few years), you have probably heard all the hype about coconut oil. From reducing your cholesterol to helping you fight fat, this powerful oil that is derived from – you guessed it, coconuts, has been hailed for its amazing health benefits.

However, while you have probably heard about some of the most common ways that this miraculous oil can help you (read above,) have you heard about all of the other ways that it can be beneficial for you?


Here’s a look at some of the unexpected ways that coconut oil can be good for you.

It’s a Great Moisturizer

Is your skin dried out and flaking? If so, then grab a jar of coconut oil. Spread it on your face first thing in the morning and then right after you’ve washed your face at night.

Allow it to sit for a bit and then rinse off. You may feel a bit oily at first, but after a little bit, you will actually feel your skin absorbing the coconut oil. The result? – Skin that is smooth, even and as soft as a baby’s bottom. It’s also great for chapped lips.

Makeup Remover

Don’t buy those expensive makeup removers anymore; for one thing, they are expensive and for another, they often don’t get rid of all of the makeup that builds up on your skin.

Switch out that makeup remover you have been using and replace it with a jar of coconut oil. Spread it over your skin and wash it off with a damp cloth. You’ll be amazed by how much cleaner your skin will feel when there’s no makeup left behind.

Curly Hair Tamer

Do you have curls that you just can’t seem to tame, no matter what product you use? If so, then you probably haven’t tried coconut oil.

Rub a dab of coconut oil between your hands and spread it over your hair, then style as usual. Your jaw will probably hit the floor when you see just how perfectly defined and tamed your curls are. And, the best part is that there is no greasiness at all.

Dry Hair Reliever

Do you have excessively dry or over-processes hair? If so, apply a bit of coconut oil overnight and wrap a scarf around your hair. The oil will work as a deep conditioner and you’ll wake up with incredible soft hair.

Stain Remover

That’s right! Now you can get those stubborn stains out with just a little bit of coconut oil. Simply spread a dab onto a stain, rub it in, let it sit for a bit and rinse it out – no more stain!

Diaper Cream

Skip putting those processed diaper creams that are loaded with additives and chemicals that you can’t pronounce. Instead, put a jar of coconut oil on your baby’s changing table. Spread a little bit on with each diaper change and your little one’s bottom will be supple and soft.