Fried cinnamon bananas

These Pan-Fried Cinnamon Bananas Couldn’t Be Easier To Make

I believe bananas are everybody’s favorite fruit!

Bananas are versatile, delicious, and full of nutrients. They are relatively low in calories, but high in minerals and digestive carbs, so they are the first choice of athletes and anybody struggling to lose weight.

It is incredibly easy to incorporate bananas into your daily diet, as these fruits can be a part of your tasty breakfast, a healthy snack, or a dessert.

Today, we share a delectable, healthy, and easy-to-make recipe that will help you reap all their benefits! Pan-fried cinnamon bananas -- caramelized on the outside, but soft and sweet inside. Yum!

This recipe is a great way to transform the old bananas into a fabulous snack or dessert. It comes from Kristin King at the blog Dizzy Busy & Hungry, and it requires four ingredients only, which I bet are already in your kitchen.

Pan-Fried Cinnamon Bananas 


  • 2 bananas, slightly overripe
  • 1 tsp Ceylon cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp sugar, honey, or stevia
  • 1/4 tsp nutmeg (optional)


Cut the bananas into slices, about 1/3 inch thick.

Mix the cinnamon, sweetener, and nutmeg in a smaller bowl, and set it aside.

Lightly coat a large skillet with coconut oil or spray it with nonstick oil spray, and warm it over medium heat.

Add the banana slices, and sprinkle half of the cinnamon mixture on top. Cook for a few minutes, and flip the slices.

Sprinkle with the rest of the cinnamon mixture, and cook for 2-3 minutes. They are done when they start to become too soft.


Serve with cherry yogurt or top the banana slices with chopped nuts, vanilla ice cream, or coconut whipped cream. You can also add them on pancakes or French toast!

Enjoy your fried cinnamon bananas!