These ‘Granny Pods’ Are Just What You Need for Your Aging Parents

Our independence in life is much more important to us than we think, and even when we grow older, and need help from our family, we do not want to lose it completely.

Therefore, the invention known as “Granny Pods”, or MEDCottages, is ideal for the elderly people who need assistance from their family, but would rather spend their time in their own space, instead of a nursery home or the home of their relatives.

These tiny cottages can fit in most backyards and can be built from the ground up. They offer all the needed nursing home amenities that can help to care for your aging parents.

These tiny houses have some medical equipment, a video monitoring system that helps the family to keep an eye on their loved ones, handrailing and a soft floor.

They are also compliant for handicapped individuals and include a virtual companion that plays messages to remind the occupant about important things, like the time to take their medication.

Moreover, despite being constructed to ensure the safety of the senior, these small homes include a bedroom, a small kitchen, and a bathroom, which safety features built in.

In the kitchen, there is a small refrigerator, a microwave which can be unplugged and used as an electromagnetically-insulated safe container for supplements, and a pill dispenser, that can be filled with superfoods, supplements, and herbs.

Additionally, the high-tech video and text cell technology incorporated in the structure of the pods, as well as the alert systems inside, serve to notify caregivers in a case of some unpleasant situation.

The cottages are about 12 x 24 feet, which is about the size of a large master bedroom, and a square footage that ranges from 299 to 605 square feet. One can choose from the three different styles available, the MEDCottage, Classic and Grand, and their price ranges from $85,000-$125,000.

In these cottages, the elderly feel safe and protected, they are not lonely as they are just minutes away from their relatives, but they still enjoy a certain degree of independence.