These Backyard “Granny Pods” Could be the Solution to Nursing Homes

If you have an elder person in your family that would be your responsibility soon, and a nursing home is not an option, you are probably already scared of what life might look like after you start taking care of your relative.

However, there is an ideal solution invented by  MedCottages in the form of “Granny Pods”, as it keeps your loved ones close to you, but they can still enjoy their own space. Reverend Ken Dupin invented these 12 feet by 24 feet pods that are convenient for any backyard and plug right up to one’s existing plumbing and electrical.

Additionally, the pods are constructed considering the safety of the senior and have a bedroom, a small kitchen, and a bathroom, which is handicap accessible with railing and safety features built in.

There is a microwave, which can be unplugged and used as an electromagnetically-insulated safe container for supplements, a pill dispenser, that can be filled with superfoods, supplements, and herbs, and a small refrigerator.

Moreover, the pod has a padded floor, and webcams for monitoring by family members. The pods also utilize small robotic features that can monitor vital signs and can filter the air for contaminants while sending alerts reminding when to take supplements, superfoods, and superherbs.

There is also a high-tech video and text cell technology incorporated, as well as alert systems that would notify caregivers in a case of some unpleasant situation.

Isn’t this marvelous? This is a way to keep the family close together, even though not all the members will live under the same roof.

Size-wise, these cottages are comparable to the size of a master bedroom, and prices range from $85,000 to $125,000. They even have a small outside terrace where the senior can relax and enjoy the time.

There are three models build so far, so you can even choose the most suitable design for your relative, and be sure that you will provide a nice, clean, and safe place for living.