These 30 Cute Baby Donkeys Are Everything You Need To See Today

Animals can brighten up our days almost in an instant. Having a pet in the house is a chance to spend the day with a pure, joyful creature, cuddling and laughing.

Even if you are not a pet owner, photos of baby animals are impressive mood-boosters! And we are not talking about kittens and puppies today too- as we decided to honor baby donkeys!

Baby donkeys have chunky, fluffy bodies and endearingly goofy expressions. While they enjoy a short siesta, they do it with their necks around each other in a hug-like formation.

Oh, they are simply adorable!

They are very social and develop powerful emotional bonds with other animals. They are close cousins to horses, but they are smaller and fluffier than the majestic animals.

Actually, horses are not as charming as little donkeys!

Even our best friends, our dogs, love little donkeys, and they are also adored by cats and chickens!

Do you need any more references?

They often have the reputation of being stubborn, but stopping and digging in their heels is a sign of their intelligence because these little cuties never run before making sure they are somehow threatened.

These small-looking horses even have funny names, as a male donkey is called an ass, a female a jenny, and the baby is known as a foal, like a horse!

Take a look at the following heart-melting collection of baby donkeys:

1. Sparky- the miniature donkey at Ashington Park Stud In Melbourne, Australia, lives with his teddy bear Ted, and carer Sarah-Jane Lov

2. The meeting of a little donkey and a small boy

3. Incredibly cute little donkey

4. My horse meets my 5-hour old baby donkey

5. Fluffy!

6. Relaxing in the hammock

7. The white-and-brown Dougie

8. 7-weeks-old little donkey

9. Enjoying the day

10. They are simply adorable!

11. He loves being rocked

12. Falling asleep while hugging

13. When the little animal was found in the barn

14. Smelling flowers

15. A horse and a newborn donkey

16. Primrose, a premature baby, getting her legs straightened with cast

17. This girl is so cute!

18. Almost flying

19. Shopping time

20. Baby donkey

21. Don’t leave me here!

22. Cuddling with mom

23. Sweet little donkey

24. Opie, our little donkey

25. Christmas on the farm

26. This dog’s bed is so cozy!

27. Gulliver The Shire And Apollo The Donkey enjoying their time together

28. Time for a funny selfie

29. A little girl with her donkey

30. Enchanting little donkey