These 10 Men Have Transformed Their Bodies After The Age Of 50 And Prove Age Is Just A Number

Aging is a normal part of life, and in contrary to the general belief, many state that life just gets better over time. I guess it is up to us to decide whether we will see growing old as a flaw, or we will let the grey hairs and wrinkles just improve our look and life in general!

When you feel good, you feel good too. We should never stop taking care of our health and body, and this self-love will not remain hidden.

Phil Nicolaou, PhD, NASM, IFPA, ISSA, NESTA, a senior training specialist, says:

“Too often I have heard people tell me it’s too late to get in shape! I’m too old!  Nothing can be further from the truth. “

Aging is not an anchor that brings you down, so the meticulous care of your mental and physical health will boost your emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical health.

The following 10 men prove that the stereotypes about ageing are backwards, and remind us that we can do wonders with ourselves regardless of what stage in life we are in.

They come from all walks of life, and most of them started their modeling careers after the age of 50. These men are like wine -- they get better with age, and redefine the concept of older men.

Meet them:

Philippe Dumas, Age 60

This gorgeous Parisian-born gentleman has started modelling, and after gaining exposure on Reddit, the number of his Instagram followers is on the increase. He says “My career as a senior model is young, but it starts well. I have great expectations.” So, we are not alone!

Anthony Varrecchia, Age 53

The amazing look of Anthony Varrecchia is a result of a healthy lifestyle and hard work. He lives in New York and is very popular on Instagram, deservedly!

Gianluca Vacchi, Age 50

This businessman also knows to feel the beat!

Aiden Brady, Age 50

After entering the fashion world, Aiden Brady has become an Instagram celebrity! He has even appeared on the big screen!

Eric Rutherford, Age 49

A model, an event organizer in New York, and an editor for At Large magazine, Eric simply looks gorgeous!

Alessandro Manfredini, Age 48

Instagram users seem to fall in love with this Italian stallion as soon as they see a photo of him, with his snow-white locks and dark eyes!

Deshun Wang, Age 80

After taking part in China’s fashion week, Deshun was named the ‘hottest grandfather in China’!

Irvin Randle, Age 54

Irvin is handsome, fashionable, and fit!

Ron Jack Foley, Age 50

Ron is a gorgeous man, and he is taking 50 shades of gray to the next level!

Shan Michael Hefley, Age 54

Shon’s incredible body transformation made him a legend and serves as a motivational example to many!

Remember, its never too late to make the right decision- a healthy lifestyle will literally transform your life!