These 10 Illustrations Show Why Living Alone Is The Best

Living alone may be scary for you, but it’s actually a liberating experience. It’s the only way to experience all the goodness of being alone at least for a couple of months.

You get to do whatever you want, and you don’t have to set up rules for your roommate. Dancing around in your underwear is the most liberating thing you’ll ever do. You can watch TV whenever you want, and you can turn the music up without asking for a permission.

Living alone helps you connect with yourself and learn more about the things that make you happy or sad.

Idalia Candelas from Mexico released series called “Postmodern Loneliness.” Her illustrations depict the beauty of living alone, and she even gave us ideas.

10 illustrations that will make you move somewhere alone

1. Drink your coffee, juice, wine or whatever you prefer in the morning without a piece of clothes on you. In other words, you can wear pretty much anything or nothing.

2. Spend the day in bed.

3. Your bed is your shelter. All day long!

4. Read book in underwear. You are at home!

5. Drink your tea or coffee in bed whenever you want.

6. Go naked! You don’t even have to shower with closed doors.

7. Cook and eat in comfy clothes. Or underwear.

8. You set up the rules.

9. Your kitchen is your living room. Literally.

10. Do chores whenever you feel like doing so.

Living alone has so many advantages. You can invite your friends, family or partner without consulting a roommate. In other words, you can do anything you want.

Photo Credits: Idalia Candelas