There’s A Jason Momoa Coloring Book To Ease Your Stress

Stress is unfortunately present in our everyday life, and our hectic lifestyles have made it very difficult to avoid it. While many people address it by physical exercise, Crush and Color have decided to help us lower stress by offering a unique coloring book.

The popularity of coloring books as a way to deal with stress has been on the rise recently, by bringing relaxation via shifting the focus to the intricate designs and patterns.

As our attention is pulled between screens and responsibility these days, coloring gives an opportunity to stay grounded in the moment, and create something beautiful.

Yet, have you ever thought of alleviating stress while coloring the smoking hot Jason Momoa himself?

Titled Crush and Color: Jason Momoa: A Coloring Book of Fantasies With an Epic Dreamboat, it has 35 pages, illustrated by Maurizio Campidelli, showing the actor in scenes like relaxing in a bath, meditating, surfing, and cuddling a dog.

The description of the book reads:

 “Escape to your very own rugged utopia with Jason Momoa! Crush and Color: Jason Momoa is a collection of daydreams come to life on incredible coloring pages. Let him take the helm on a sunset sail, witness impressive physical strength as he scales a colossal cliffside, and take in the serenity of quieter moments through colorable works of art.” 

Well, you will definitely lower stress with all that giggling and blushing!

It’s no surprise that the adult coloring book is No. 1 on Amazon’s New Releases in Comics & Manga Coloring Books for Grown-Ups category!

If you too love the idea, you can order a copy on Amazon, priced at $9.79! Are you ready for it?

Also, you might be delighted to learn that the release of a Keanu Reeves, a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and an Idris Elba version is scheduled for June, May, and September, respectively!