There Is A Magical Little Town Where The Streets Are Made Of Water

Water makes everything better, as our love of it is pervasive. It is not easy to articulate our incredibly strong need to be by the water nor the immeasurable sense of peace that we feel around water.

For many, water is a symbol of purity, life, and tranquility. Water is bigger and more powerful than anything on the planet, and apart from its beauty, being near water relaxes, and calms us.

Therefore, we always love being near water sources, and water towns have always been especially attractive to tourists.

If you are a water soul too, you must visit the small village of Giethoorn in northern Holland, located in the province of Overijssel.

The quiet town has a population of around 2, 260 people, and it is known for its boat-filled waterways, bicycle trails, and thatched-roof cottages.

The transportation mainly relies on boats and canoes, since the place is situated right at the center of the Overijssel‘s canal system. Numerous arched wooden bridges connect the house platforms as the streets are all water.

Over the last several years, the town has become increasingly popular among tourists.

The place is incredibly clean, the lawns of houses are always trimmed, all the houses are matching, with gorgeous gardens and painted shutter, so it is literally postcard perfect.

There are boxes of flowers on many of the bridges, and you can enjoy the beauty by sitting on the ground, a bench with a picnic, or in the canal-side restaurants, and watch the ducks, swans and boats go by.

The town looks like a fairytale 

Tourists can rent motorboats and whisper boats and drive around the town. They often join a canal cruise where local skippers guide them through the enchanting place.

Visitors can also rent small boats and drive themselves around the canals.

The small, but fairytale-like, town, with the arching bridges, lush greenery, lovely birds, and cute cottages, is something really worth visiting.

Those interested in ancient history and artifacts can visit the three museums, some can go fishing, and cyclers will also love it, as bicycle trails connect most of the town.

Can it get any better?

Well, if you decide to visit this magical place during the winter, bring your ice skates and glide across the frozen waters in the canals!

To feel the spirit of “the Dutch Venice,” it would be best to sleep over in their adorable B&Bs and cute hotels.

Yet, you can also visit the town when in Amsterdam, and just enjoy a 9-hour group tour of the village, something that will cost you around €95 ($104.15).

Prices for a private 8-hour tour, a special local lunch and 2 free hours to explore the town on your own, start from €360 ($394.68).

So, get ready to pack your things and visit this amazing town!