There Are Bees That Sleep In Flowers And It’s As Cute As It Sounds

Are you afraid of insects? Do bees freak you out? If yes, maybe you should see some photos of bees that sleep in flowers. Can you imagine seeing a fluffy bee covered in pollen? Sleeping inside a flower?

Photographer Joe Neely will probably change the way you perceive bees and you will definitely fall in love with these insects. Joe took photos of two bees sleeping in a flower, and it’s the cutest thing you will see on the Internet today.

Accompanied by his fiancée Nicole, Joe went for a walk as he wanted to photograph poppy flowers. They stopped near a highway to take photos of some pink flowers, and found a hidden orange globe mallow plant. The bees were buzzing, and Nicole noticed that some of the flowers had bees inside, but the insects weren’t moving.

Diadasia diminuta sleeps a few hours in orange globe mallow. This isn’t a common “habit” of all bees, and just a few species do this after finishing their job. Brandon Hopkins from Washington State University explains that bees don’t have eyelids, but they do stop moving their antenna and even fall over sideways.

Joe came closer to the sleeping beauties as he wanted to make sure they are alive. All the flowers were occupied, and this bee was out. So it crawled over to the open flower and joined the other bee. It was moving like a drunk person, and finally settled in.

Bees are important pollinators, and we need them to protect our crops and actually eat. About a third of the food you eat every day relies on bee pollination. You may be afraid of these buzzing insects, but you actually need them.

Without bees, we won’t have enough food to survive. Hopefully, these cute photos will change your mindset, and you will take more care about bees and their role in nature.