The Way This 73-Year-Old Lady Transformed Her Body Is Inspirational

Age is just a number, especially when it comes to making a change in life, and Joan MacDonald, a septuagenarian from Ontario, is a great example of it.

This brave woman decided to change her world around when, at the age of 70, her general physician mentioned prescription drugs for her old age.


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Here is my first 10 months of transformation, and two more recent photos, just to share with you the reality of this long, slow process that I’m still on..😅😅 The year I started was 2017. The first number is the date. Second number is my weight. Third number is my waist. Fourth number is my hips at the widest. 😅 Last number is my upper right thigh at the widest. . 🙏 That first crucial year was full of all kinds of challenges and heartbreak, but somehow I kept plugging along. I lost my mom who I still miss very, very much. I had to learn to be content with each step forward, and with each stage of my transformation. I had to really fall in love with my habits and learn to take pride in my meal planning and food prep (I’m still working on that one, trust me!). I’m sharing this with you so that those of you starting out will see what a big transformation actually looks like over the months. I get to enjoy great health and a size small body now because the woman in the photos worked her booty off to change her ways. Now I enjoy meditation, learning Spanish, using apps, and I’m medication free, and I owe it all to her! I also owe it to my future self to KEEP ON GOING and to never again take my health or my habits for granted . 💕 You can catch more of my story at 1 pm EDT at @thesocialctv today! Keep on spreading the message that deep, lasting change is possible AT ANY AGE! 🏆🏆🏆 . #transformation #fitover70.

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She explained:

“I knew I had to do something different. I had watched my mom go through the same thing, taking medication after medication, and I didn’t want that life for myself.” 

MacDonald turned to her daughter Michelle, a yogi, competitive powerlifter, professional chef, and owner of Tulum Strength Club in Mexico, for help.

Soon, MacDonald started walking as her form of cardio, practicing yoga, and even weight lifting. Nowadays, she is a fitness star that poses for magazine covers, inspiring thousands of people worldwide.


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I’ve now been sitting at 135 lbs give or take a few, since October. I never would have thought this was possible. Many of you are asking what I did about my loose skin. Well, the truth is I’ve done nothing about it so far. If I bend over or slouch it’s all there, and if I don’t flex my muscle I have some drooping skin like most other women my age. I’m certainly not opposed to surgery, but it’s something that would honestly scare me. Plus I’m afraid at my age of the recovery and time away from the gym. Right now I’m happy just to love where I’m at, wear flattering clothes like these pants by @womensbest , and this cute top by @forever21 . 🥰 It’s better to focus on doing the best you can with what you have, and not start fixating on things you “want to improve”. It’s a balance but an important one. Love yourself, love where you are now, and keep improving your habits. That’s the real key. 💕💕 . I’d love to hear your thoughts especially from those of you who have tried surgical procedures to take care of lose skin, etc. Are you happy? Do you recommend it? . . #fitover70 #silverhair #fitness #surgery #agingbackwards #oldladygains #transformation #weightloss.

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She lost 60 pounds of weight and is fitter and healthier than ever!

Being an Instagram celebrity, she regularly uploads workout videos and motivational quotes to inspire people to defy age and maintain their health.


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3 years ago I began this long, slow journey and now I realize that there really isn’t any end to it. Each day I move in a direction based on my choices. Each month is a new milestone. Each year I seem to have changed so completely I think I can’t change any more and yet I do.💕💕 At this point, I truly realize that we are limitless. At any moment we can make a decision to change. No matter how difficult or challenging life is, we must remain steadfast in our aim and keep inching forward. When I got started I never imagined I’d be where I am today. I just wanted to get my health back and get off my medication. Each door we step through leads to another door and then another. I hope you all keep choosing to grow! To learn to love yourself, take the best care of yourself, and dare to dream and love with your whole heart again.🙏🙏 . Pink outfit by @womensbest . . #transformation #hope #justdoit.

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Joan says that, after several years into her journey, she feels like a different woman:

“I know what macros are, I can create balanced meals, I know how to move around with confidence in the gym and I understand the importance of lifting heavy weight.

I just love connecting with other women and men who are also choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. I’ve found that this new way of living has allowed me to meet and help encourage many others to do the same.

If you are looking for a change I can tell you that it is not an easy journey but it is well worth it. I hope that my story gives you the confidence that you can change too. If I can do it, you can do it. ”


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42 vs 72. Who did it better? 😅😅😅 I had to dig up some old photos of myself for an upcoming interview and boy oh boy was I shocked! I just don’t remember myself being that big for that long. I thought it was just for a short period of time. I thought it was just old age creeping in, but when I look back through decades of photos, I see a different story. I wish I knew then what I know now. I now eat more food more often! I have more energy! I have more balance! I have a more positive outlook on life! Wishing you all a terrific week of growth, self-love and success! 🌸🌸🌸 . . #grandma #masterathlete #athlete #inspo #fitspo #health #age #agingbackwards #fitover70 #olderwomen #oldermodel #silverhair #bodybuilding #girlswholift #strongwomen #yhhwomen #tscathlete #makeover #transformation #weightloss

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This Wonder Woman from Canada is simply amazing!