The “Ultimate Pleasure Experience” Male Love Robots Could Replace Men For Good

High-tech male robots can be a perfect replacement for a human boyfriend!

I know you have said that you are sick of men a thousand times before, but wait a second and think..are you really? Because now, we have a choice, girls!

Technological advancements tend to revolutionize our way of living in all aspects, and it turns out, scientists have also given us an option when it comes to our love life.

While many grow worried about the consequences of love dolls on our human-to-human relationships, others are eager to grab the opportunity and bond with someone (or something), without having to deal with all the stress such a relationship would otherwise cause.

Brace yourselves, men, as women are about to meet Mr.Perfect! The Ultimate Pleasure Experience male robots make all our dreams come true!

We might have got used to dolls, okay, but a robot? Wow!

These male robots are specifically designed to behave like true gentlemen, and they can even engage in verbal communication. I’m impressed! Currently, a few popular companies are making these love robots, particularly “Real Doll”.

The robots can move in any direction and pace, and the user can control him by a regulator. The company also explained that the best part is that the robot can be used endlessly, for as long as one wants, at whatever speed, and for whatever purpose, without the battery getting drained!

The high-tech robot can understand the need of the woman, and the goal of the creators was to design a product that would outperform real-life males and make women choose them as lovers over blood-and-flesh males.

Therefore, the erotic piece of technology would also have a personality and the intelligence to understand the needs of its female partner. Each robot has been programmed to engage meaningfully in conversations, and it is also reported that they all come with a personal backstory.

Each robot is designed to be unique, designed to serve the need of the woman in any way. Therefore, the robots vary for every female partner, and they will be able to act just like a human boyfriend!

Okay..this is tempting.. A perfect partner even if you stay imperfect?!

Well, things are not that simple after all. These dolls and robots are extremely expensive, so only the ultra-wealthy can afford them.

What’s even more important, experts share their concerns that these human-life dolls and robots can seriously harm humankind, as they can pose a threat to our relationships.

Masayuki Ozaki is a perfect example of this. Even though he is married, this man found solace in the arms of his love doll. His ultra-realistic silicone dummy, called Mayu, lives in the same house with him, his wife, and their teenage daughter.

The doll has caused unending arguments between the couple, and in the end, they decided to declare a delicate truce.

Ozaki, a psychologist, explains:

“After my wife gave birth, we stopped having love and I felt a deep sense of loneliness. But the moment I saw Mayu in the showroom, it was love at first sight. My wife was furious when I first brought Mayu home. These days she puts up with it, reluctantly.”

This man admits being turned off by human relationships and explains that even though it has destroyed his marriage, he is happy with only Mayu.

“They’re very selfish. Men want someone to listen to them without grumbling when they get home from work. Whatever problems I have, Mayu is always there waiting for me. I love her to bits and want to be with her forever. I can’t imagine going back to a human being. I want to be buried with her and take her to heaven.”

Yet, he is not the only one to destroy his marriage for the love doll. Senji Nakajima, 62, claims there is no woman as perfect for him as his rubber girlfriend Saori.

He loves bathing her and taking her surfing or skiing. He refused to give Saori up, even though this meant that he would lose his wife and children:

“Human beings are so demanding. People always want something from you — like money or commitment. My heart flutters when I come home to Saori. She never betrays me, she makes my worries melt away. I’d never cheat on her, even with a prostitute, because to me she’s human.”

He also added that it is highly unlikely that he would reconcile with his wife, adding that he doesn’t want to destroy what he has with Saori. He explained that he would no longer be able to bath with Saori, snuggle up with her and watch TV if he did.

All I can say is.. The world is changing so fast!