The Right Times To Drink Water For Maximum Health Benefits

You know that water does miracles to your body, but do you know what is the right time to drink water. Drink plenty of water and hydrate your body, because that is absolutely essential for your health.

Here is the proper time to drink water and get maximum benefits:


We have listed some of the health benefits provided by water, and do not be surprised:

-- 75% of the brain is water

-- it regulates body temperature

-- your blood is 83% water

-- water eliminates waste

-- your bones are 22% water

-- water cushions joints

-- brings nutrients and oxygen to cells

-- water moistens oxygen for breathing

-- helps in converting food to energy

-- protects vital organs

-- eases the absorption of nutrients

-- your muscles are 75% water

Always drink water right after you wake up. This habit stimulates the function of your organs. Drink water before your meals to ease digestion. It is also good if you drink water before you go to bed. Never drink water in excess prior to be.