The Right One Won’t Be Bothered By Your Flaws, Weirdness And Your Overthinking Mind

No matter how modern the era gets and the fact that you are an under-the-box-thinker, in the end, we all want to end up with the right one. We’ve been raised believing the Prince Charming will appear one day and will make our life a fairytale.

Deep down, we all wish he does. But wait..what if he comes, and you do not recognize him? Well, we have a few eye-opening tips.

Your soulmate is the person that will never be bothered by your flaws, but he will accept you as you are. Your kindred spirit will love you the way you are and won’t try to tame you. He will respect your different opinion and loud and overthinking mind.

Mr.Right will never be ashamed of you no matter your imperfections. He will be proud to “show” you to the world and will shower you with compliments all the time.

The right person will never judge you but will try to calm your paranoias and insecurities. He will not be afraid to openly talk to you and resolve the issues you two might have, but he will stay by your side forever.

You will feel protected and comfortable to be yourself in front of them, and you will simply know that it is the time you can finally take off the mask. The intensity of your love won’t scare the right one. They will actually enjoy the small acts of love, and the way you spoil them.

Most importantly, the right person will never be afraid to love you. They will enjoy your presence, your sometimes-overthinking mind, and even your imperfections, and will never ask for a break. The right one will value every second spent in your company.

The right person will never leave you or hurt you. He will be honored to be given the opportunity to spend his lifetime by your side instead.