The Queen Of England Gives A Speech In A Green Dress And The Photoshoppers Know What To Do (35 Pics)

Hilarious Internet memesters always brighten up our days! However, they are sometimes celebrities’ nightmares, I believe, as they have the skill to turn all things upside down!

Their latest focus is The Queen of the United Kingdom, after she appeared on TV on April 5th to thank front-line medical workers and send a message of hope during the coronavirus pandemic.

This time, it was her turquoise green dress, hailed by Peter Chiykowski as the “perfect Photoshop bait”!

The rest is history!

The numerous memes people created brought countless smiles and helped people find positivity during these challenging times.

Take a look at some of the most hilarious remakes of her dress:

Peter Chiykowski, the creator behind the viral Queen “green screen” meme and a cartoonist, got the idea while sitting on a couch, thinking “how incredible it was that she was taking the time to address an anxious nation.”

At one moment, he simply noticed “that perfect swath of green fabric, so much like a green screen. ”

Anyone involved in the entertainment or production industry knows that green is the color used to create a CGI background, as it doesn’t match skin color or outfits.

Therefore, he decided to “to commemorate this moment in history in my own silly way.”

The writer and cartoonist said:

 “Most people are celebrating how fun and silly it is, but early on, one person said that I was being disrespectful. Then, someone else photoshopped their comment all over the Queen’s dress.”

At this point, he knew—“this was all out of my hands.”

The Twitter thread he started has countless creative interpretations.

Peter claims that memes are one of the best ways to share ideas:

 “If your joke or a nice sentiment can find someone anxious and make them calm, or find someone lonely and remind them that they’re not alone, then a meme is doing more good for the world than a painting in a fancy gallery.”

When it comes to the dress, many believe that it is not a coincidence, and the color has been chosen to support medical professionals working day and night to save lives.