The New “Beauty Trend” For 2020 – To Decorate Your Nails With Tiny Hands And Feet – Video

Nowadays, new trends come and go in the blink of an eye.

People on social media compete over who would surprise or shock the online community more, and while many new trends are adorable, creative, unique, and inspiring, some are bizarre and even creepy!

The video posted by the very popular Instagram account @nail_sunny, renowned for doing unconventional and over-the-top manicures, confused many.

The short tutorial video shows the Russian Instagram nail artist crafting her fingernails into small hands and feet!

The clip proves that the process of making these detailed nails requires a lot of hard or and precision.

To achieve this unconventional manicure, the technician adheres fake nails to each nail, molds them into the shape of feet, and then paints each foot nail in a flesh color. In the end, to complete the look, she gives each foot its own pedicure.

Yet, many users commented on it, asking “Why?!”, claiming it is “weird’ and “fearful”, and one said:

 “This is worse than the bug nails but I’m kind of into it.”


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Feet nails ❤️ -yay or nay? Video by @edo_movs #nailsunnytutorial

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Another wrote:

“Really wish I wouldn’t have been eating/licking my finger when I decided to watch this.”

One user concluded:

“This isn’t a beauty trend -- this is to see how social media influences & how people are foolish enough to believe it and go out & do it themselves.”

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