The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic With Only 2 Ingredients

Learn how to prepare the most powerful natural antibiotic which kills all bacteria, eliminates all disease causing agents, and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
The best thing about it is that it is absolutely reliable, since it causes no adverse effects on intestinal and digestive system, unlike synthetic antibiotics.
The miraculous mixture uses the benefits of combining turmeric and honey. Turmeric possesses active ingredients with over 150 therapeutic properties, among which are anti-carcinogen, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
The powerful mixture of honey and turmeric, you will improve digestion and increase the number of good bacteria in the intestines.

  • 1 tablespoon turmeric powder
  •  100g homemade honey

Mix all ingredients together until you get a homogenous mixture and pour it in a glass jar.
Take this amazing antibiotic in the as soon as you notice symptoms of a cold, as follows:
1 day – take half a teaspoon every hour.
Day 2 – take half a teaspoon every two hours.
3 day – take half a teaspoon 3 times a day.
If you would like to enrich its flavor, you can always add warm milk or tea to the mixture. It is better to melt the medicine in your mouth than to swallow it.