The Magical Beauty Of Looking Up At Trees In The Middle Of A Forest Capture By Photographer

Nature is powerful, diverse, bold, stunning, and unpredictable. Photography is one of the most efficient ways to reveal its majestic beauty, and one Italian photographer shows it from an interesting perspective: from beyond the trees.

In the series Trees, Manuelo Bececco found a way to remind us that nature reveals its charm from all angles. He skillfully played with the natural light and the shadows, and used the color of the forests, to capture images that convey a rather magical world.

Although he now does travel and wedding photography as well, Bececco initially started as a landscape photographer and focused on conventional images of pastures and mountains.

Yet, his style evolved, as the wooded environments showed him their true potential.

Trees are now central in his work, and he enjoys to play with textures and angles to glorify the leaves, curves of the trunks, and the bark of the trees.

The mood is critical in his photographs, as it communicates his feelings to his audience. His photographs reveal the ambient in the woods, the silent beauty of nature, and changes that occur in the woods across seasons and different times of the day.

Bececco explains that he is able to perceive things in a unique manner, and then turns the unexplored side of forests into photographs.

“In the middle of the woods, I seem to see everything in my own way—giant trees or branches that form barriers, irises of the eyes. These are things that I only see in my mind and that I can sometimes turn into photographs.”

He claims that he considers the forest photographs very personal, as each image symbolizes a specific sentiment or milestone in his life, so he was pleasantly surprised to have them acclaimed in the public.

He added:

“It was a surprise to see that on social media or in the various international competitions my photos were very well received because it is a very personal work. It is not like going to a location and photographing that mountain that has been there for thousands of years and that many photographers have photographed.

In this type of photography, at least for me, the mood is very important and when I can convey my feelings to people, I am really happy and excited.”

The Quiet Beauty of Nature