The Magic Salt Sock: Natural Relief for Ear Infections

Especially for children, earaches and infections are a terrible thing to experience, since they cause a huge amount of pain and discomfort, which is totally out of context with the severity of this relatively minor ailment. In most cases, nights pass without sleeping, and the situation seems most difficult and stressful then.

Fortunately, there is a superb natural remedy that will relieve your infection and earache, and it is the magic salt sock! Its benefits are proven scientifically, no doubt about it.


A Salt Sock is basically just a white cotton sock filled with Coarse Sea Salt that you heat up and place on the affected ear for relief.

You will need:

  • a clean, all white sock 
  • -1-1/2 cups of Coarse Seal Salt

Remember, you should not use colored socks, or socks with a colored toe section or colored line in the toe area, since the colored threads/materials contain a substance that is flammable and will melt when you heat the sock. Therefore, you should not risk it.

Regarding the salt, it has to be coarse or it will seep out of the sock and it has to be sea salt.


Carefully pour the salt into the sock and tie a knot (or double knot) in the end. It should be about the size of your hand.

Then, heat it in a clean skillet, over medium-low heat for about 4-6 minutes. In order to make sure you have heat it evenly, pick it up and shake it around and flip it every minute or so. Heat until it is very warm, but not burning to the touch.

Afterwards, cover your ear and the area behind your jaw bone with the sock and relax for a while.

The relieving effect will astound you! Also, you can reuse the salt sock for a long time, and replace it when it gets too old, dirty or worn.

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