The Healing Ginger Therapy – How To Use Ginger Remedies Against Colds and Flu

3. Paste Against Headache

One of the symptoms of colds and flu is an unpleasant occurrence of headaches. Before resorting to any medication, try to use ginger’s strong action.

In order to create this paste you will need ginger in powder. Mix the powder with lukewarm water. Use just enough of both ingredients in order to create a thick paste. Apply this paste on the forehead and temples. Lie down on the bed and relax. Take it easy and breathe slowly through your nose and wait for the headache to be gone.

4. Oil For Treating Muscle Pain

Ah yes. When we have the flu, every part of our body hurts -- our bones, muscles etc. But this pain does not start all at once. Instead of reaching for the tea, try to treat your pain naturally by applying this oil. When applying this oil, gently rub and massage the painful area.

Ingredients needed:

  • Sesame / almond oil
  • Fresh ginger juice

Method of preparation:

Mix equal parts of the sesame or almond oil with ginger juice. Massage the painful area with this homogeneous mixture until you feel better.

5. Elixir For Strengthening Immunity

This is one of the most traditional Ayurvedic recipes. It requires only 5 to 10 minutes for its preparation and the uses are numerous. The amount you are about to make depends on your needs. You can make just one teaspoon or an entire liter of this elixir. No matter how much you prepare, if you do not use it all at once, you can store the rest in a jar. This elixir has 2 months of shell life.

Ingredients needed (depending on the amount you decide to prepare):

  • 3 whole lemons
  • 200 grams raw honey
  • 4 tablespoons Ginger juice

Method of preparation:

Add the lemon and ginger juice in the honey. You need to get syrup-like homogeneous mixture. If you are planning on making larger amount of this medicine and store it in a jar, make sure you add pieces of fruit into the jar, it will make the medicine even better.

If you use lemon bought at the store, make sure to get rid of lemon’s peel because of pesticides. If you use pure, homegrown lemons, you can add them together with their peel. Make elixir medium density and enjoy its smells, taste and healing properties. Take one teaspoon a day, you will feel better in no time!