The Glistening-Green Tanager Is So Bright It Looks Like It Could Glow In The Dark

The kingdom of birds is incredibly diverse and rich, and probably the most fascinating when it comes to colors and hues. Our planet is the home of numerous bird species, and many of them impress with their colorful plumages.

Yet, have you ever heard of the Glistening-Green Tanager?

This bird looks so bright, that it even seems that it can glow in the dark!

Therefore, there is a reason why these birds have the adjective “glistening” in front of their name. Its vibrant and intense green color and shine are simply alluring!

The Glistening-Green Tanager can be spotted in the forests of Columbia and Ecuador.

These birds tend to live in small groups, and often join mixed-species flocks. They are excellent fliers and perform short flights while foraging from tree to tree.

Unlike a lot of other bird species, the males and females don’t differ much in appearance.

Males are bright emerald-green with small red and white spots on sides of the head, and females are a bit duller compared to them. They are still very green, but they sometimes lack the white and red spots on their heads.

Yet, without a doubt, these birds are charming!