The Body Of A Humpback Whale Is Discovered Deep In The Amazon Rainforest And No One Knows How It Got There

An unbelievable discovery has been made in South Africa, and it has puzzled scientists.

The body of a humpback has been found in the jungles of South Africa, and nobody has a clue how it ended there.

According to scientists, the 8-meter-long whale had been around 1-year-old, and it has been discovered in mangrove forests in Brazil, within the Amazon rainforest, the most expansive one in the world.

What makes this even more bizarre is the fact that the humpback was found 15 meters from any body of water.

Scientists were quick to go to the scene and look into the matter, and they took samples of the body and evaluate the surrounding area, to find out the cause of death.

Currently, the most likely scenario is that the whale swam up the river, became beached, and then was left on the ground by receding tides.

Although their numbers have been on the rise recently, thanks to conservation measures, humpback whales are an endangered species.

They live in waters across the globe and travel or migrate tens of thousands of kilometers each year. They feed and breed near the river entrances of the Amazon, which is likely where this whale started its fateful journey.

Whales of this age tend to live in a pod with other whales, so the young whale might have become separated and then got lost as it tried to find its family. Some whales are even known to die of stress if separated from their pod.

According to some scientists, why some whales get lost or beached due to other factors, like solar storms, disruptions in the Earth’s electromagnetic field, and sonar waves from commercial and military vessels. In these cases, a whale can surface too quickly causing death from decompression sickness.

Due to climate change, many conservationists fear that migratory patterns of humpback whales could become disrupted and lead to more deaths of these amazing animals.