The Best Tea For Every Blood Type

We have listed some of the best tea combinations for every blood type.

Tea is considered as one of the healthiest beverages, and its influence also depends on your blood type. Taking in consideration its beneficial effects, we recommend you try the best tea combinations for every blood type.


Blood Type A

These are emotional and analytical people prone to stress. Coffee can not cause them any health problem, but they have a constant need of herbal foods. People having blood type A are recommended to drink Taiwanese green tea, also called Gunpowder tea, pure jasmine flower tea, a combination of jasmine and green Ying Hao tea, marigold and thyme tea.

Blood Type B

These people have slower metabolism and they are prone to autoimmune diseases, obesity, lethargy and anxiety. They need to drink young green tea, organic green or red rooibos tea without adding anything in order to refresh and strengthen their organism.

Blood Type AB

These people are intuitive and they are not prone to stress, but low libido is the problem they usually have, which is why people having this blood type should focus more on special green tea types, including mint, peony, sandalwood, and yellow tea, as well. Green and mint tea mixture is especially recommended for these people, but they can also prepare tea using nettle and mint leaves mixture.

Blood Type O

People having this blood type should avoid consuming milk and gluten. Even though they do not have any problems with stress, stomach acid often bothers them. Ginger, green Sencha and Mate based tea combinations work best for these people. Sencha and ginger tea combination is the ideal choice, but a cup of pure green Sencha tea also works well.