That’s Too Wuff! Loyal Golden Retriever ‘Protects’ Crying Girl As She Is Being Told Off By Her Mother

A mother from China posted a video of the reaction of the family pet while she is scolding her 2-year-old daughter

Parents always try to find the best company for their kids, especially when they are smaller. Very often, these companions turn to be the family pets!

It’s not a secret and many experts agree that raising a child together with the family pet has numerous benefits. This little girl from China enjoys them all!

A mother has recently posted a video of the reaction of their family dog named Harry Potter while she spoke to her daughter. While she was speaking in a strict tone to the 2-year-old girl YouYou, the golden retriever was trying to protect her!

The mother, Ms. Sun, 32, had only just bought a tub of facial cream for daughter, but she left it in the living room while she went to prepare lunch. When she got back, she realized that the girl had ruined the packaging while playing with the tub!

She admitted:

“I was honestly really upset. I’d just bought the cream and half of it was already gone. My baby started crying because I was shouting at her quite aggressively.”

Then, the dog wraps his paws around YouYou’s waist and puts his head on her shoulder, looking like he is hugging her. He also bared his teeth while Ms. Sun was scolding You, as some kind of warning to stop.

While the mother initially found the dog’s reaction funny, she later figured out how sweet, heartwarming, and lovable it was in fact.

The video went viral on Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok. The 5-year-old dog and the little girl are very close and connected, as they grew up together.

Ms. Sun explained that this is not the first time Harry acts in such a way:

“Whenever we speak to [You You] in a harsh tone, he would come over and try to shield her with his paws. He would protect the child with his life.”


When it comes to getting a family dog and having young children at home at the same time, many parents are extra cautious. Yet, dogs can teach a child responsibility and cooperation, and give unconditional love by all means.

Therefore, those who decide to focus on these advantages should carefully choose the breed of the future pet. Keep the age of the child and your lifestyle in mind, so you can choose a pet that will fit with your life and home.

Some of them have limitless patience, others can play all day long. It may be necessary to train the dog and the child for a while, to teach them how to behave well. Several factors are crucial for making the right choice- size, temperament, energy levels, and specific care needs.

According to PetMD, an online veterinarian website, the following breeds are most popular for families who have kids:

-Golden Retriever: confident, affectionate, obedient, smart, kind, and loyal; need a lot of exercise and care of its long coat;

-Labrador Retriever: They are playful, reliable, protective, and loving. They need a lot of exercise like running and swimming

-Beagle: They are smart, happy, calm, friendly

-Irish Setter: playful and energetic, smart, and loving

-Border Collie: gentle, intelligent, sensitive, and predictable

-Poodle: They are proud, intelligent, caring, and loyal.

Moreover, don’t forget the mutts!

Mixed breeds often gather the best qualities of two (or more!) breeds in one dog. They are also cheaper than purebreds.

Once the breed is decided, the challenge may be to find a breeder. Look up at rescue groups if you can find a loving dog there. That way, you are saving an abandoned dog and provide him a warm new home.

At the same time, you will pick your child’s best friend.