Teen With Special Needs Visits Late Mothers Grave To Tell Her “I Did It. I Graduated”

Graduating is an important event in everyone’s life, and we all want to share it with our loving family and closest friends. Yet, don’t you ever forget that if you are fortunate enough to still have them around, you are a happy person.

A teen with special needs,  PJ Marshall, has graduated from Haughton High School in June and wanted to share the joy with his mother.

Unfortunately, LaTanya Wilson Marshall passed away in 2010, at just 46 years old. His father, Paul Sr., explains that they have “learned how to endure” during those years after her death.

He said:

“She always wanted the best for Paul Jr. Her last dying words were, ‘I just want to see Paul Jr. graduate’.”

It wasn’t easy for Paul Jr to pursue this dream. Apart from being diagnosed with Down syndrome, since he was born, he has suffered from several medical issues since birth, and has only one functioning kidney and a defective heart.

Therefore, he wanted to share the good news and celebrate this huge accomplishment in his life.

He bought a bouquet with yellow flowers, dressed up, and went to her grave.

His father accompanied him and recorded the entire moment on video. Although it must have been difficult, the boy talked to his mom and told her that he finally graduated.

He said:

 “Mommy, I have something to say. I did it. I graduated today and I know you’re so proud of me and happy. I love you so much.”

He gently set the flowers down on the grave, kissed his fingertips, and held them to her headstone.

The love of this boy for his late mom is inspiring!

Being able to share the special moment with her made him happier, and he appeared in a better mood afterward.

Paul Jr. is now planning his future and intends to attend Bossier Parish Community College.

Your mom is surely proud of you, boy! We wish you all the luck in this world!