Teen Gets Outbid For Late Dad’s Car At Auction – Then Highest Bidder Says “Here’s Your Car”

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Tanner Brownlee had very little ass a reminder of his late father. He attempted to buy his father’s car in an auction but didn’t have enough money. Fortunately, the winner was familiar with his story.

Sam Brownlee unexpectedly passed away in 2010 at work, at the early age of 43 years. He left behind a wife and two sons. At that time, the eldest son, Tanner, was in his teenage years.

Being a teenager is hard for anyone. This time, Tanner had even more to deal with, he suddenly had to deal with his father’s death.

Tanner, his brother and his mom continued with their lives, but there was always a huge emptiness that they could never fill.

Tanner was given some of his father’s belongings, which he then prized. One of them was a motorcycle jacket, which unfortunately would never fit.

After five years, Tanner found out that his father’s squad car, a Dodge Charger, was put on an auction.

He had just become old enough to drive. He considered that a sign.

He and Chase, his younger brother, made efforts to collect some money in order to buy the Dodge Charger.

The two of them started a GoFundMe and earned $3,340. Even though it wasn’t a lot of money, they hoped that that amount would be enough.

So the entire family went to the auction, determined to get the car as a memory of their late father and husband.

Tanner had never been to an auction before, but he watched and learned. When his father’s vehicle came up for auction, he started bidding.

Unfortunately, another person outbid him to the point where he couldn’t go further anymore.

The winner got the car keys from the auctioneer.

Then, a shocking turn of events occurred.

The winning bidder turned to the crowd and declared something.

He said that he knew how important the car was to Tanner. He just couldn’t take it for himself. Instead, he handed the keys out to the boy.

The teenager took the keys, which his father had for so many years. He wasn’t able to hide his tears.

He just got on his feet and hugged the man.

“This is just so huge. I mean, me and my dad built a fence and stuff. But having something I can use and drive around that he drove around, it just means a lot.” – Tanner Brownlee.

The same day, Tanner gave a ride home to his mom and his little brother, just like his father did in the past.

Then, a report on this story was published online, made by a news team, and quickly became viral.

The video was watched by millions of people, and it has garnered over 427,000 likes and 19,000 comments. Internet users have been leaving comments like this:

Tanner, along with his family, will surely cherish this car. Nothing can replace their father and husband, but at least they have something that belonged to him and has huge sentimental value for them.

The winning amount, which was $60,000, would be given to charity. The kind winner spent a big amount, and also gave away what he won.

Yet, he was glad to bring joy to someone’s life, and make his contribution to creating a better world.