Take One Tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil In The Morning (And These Unbelievable Things Happen)

It is a common belief that the food we consume should be our medicine. All that we eat should be of benefit to our body.

Olive oil offers a great way to keep the healthy condition of our body. Believe it or not, an average Greek consumes more than 20 liters of olive oil a year, and Americans only consume 2 liters a year only. This is a huge difference.


Extra virgin olive oil prevents cancer

Being one of the best sources of monounsaturated fat, olive oil is considered a miracle by many. Olive oil has always been known for being healthy, but recent studies showed that it is even more beneficial that we can imagine.

Only a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil can protect your body against cancer. A compound it consists slows the growth of tumors in breast cancer.

Furthermore, new surveys suspect there is something in the oil that inhibits the proteins that the cancer cells need to grow. Not only does it slow the growth of cancer cells but it also protects our DNA from damage caused by these harmful cancer cells. Astonishing.

Extra virgin olive oil reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s

Another favorable effect of the olive oil was discovered in a study by the Journal Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology.

It was revealed that a compound in olive oil called oleocanthal sometimes binds with toxic proteins that clog the synapse on the hippocampus. This is the first sign of Alzheimer’s disease onset and it’s the part of the brain that is affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

Extra virgin olive oil also strengthens your immune system and protects your heart

Since it is loaded with antioxidants, olive oil protects your immune system from infection. Moreover, the oil can protect your heart as a result of the polyphenols it contains, which help your cholesterol levels. A study was done and proved that those who use olive oil regularly for cooking have a 41 percent lower risk of stroke.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fights Inflammation and Pain

Olive oil can help with pain and inflammation. Lots of companies sell oils that can help with pain, but make sure you always buy the ones that are a deep rich green in color.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Helps With Weight Loss

The more you eat or drink of olive oil, the more you lose weight. As a result of the oxidation in olive oil, you can increase your rate of fat burning.

Source: organichealth.co
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