Switzerland Makes It Illegal To Own Just One Guinea Pig Because They Get Lonely

Switzerland appears to be one of the most pet-friendly countries in the world, and a 2008 animal right law there makes it illegal to own one guinea pig at a time, as it can become lonely.

Guinea pigs are very common pets there and the Swiss adore them, treating them as family members.

The reason for this law is that they’re social species, so they are considered victims of abuse if they aren’t able to regularly interact with others of their species.

That is why the country has taken legal measures to ensure they are given the same rights and protections as individuals.

This law states that a person cannot own only one guinea pig as it might feel isolated and lonely.

Also, the government has ensured that no one ends up breaking the law, so if one of the guinea pig dies, there are a lot of services available for renting another one that will keep the lonely pet company.

Switzerland is known to have numerous laws protecting animal rights. For instance, many bird species need to be regularly socialized, goldfish need to be accompanied by another fish in their tank, and if a person owns only one cat, it needs to be able to see other cats through the window.

Also, dog owners are obliged to take a course to learn how to take care of their dogs, care for their needs and deal with several behavioral situations.

While many of us might find these laws strange, they are very protective and beneficial for pets. Sweden has similar legislation in place as well, and several other countries have sensible laws protecting social animals.

So, if you are an animal person, Switzerland is the place you and your pet would definitely enjoy!