Sunglasses-Wearing Skull On Family’s Mantelpiece Turns Out To Be Man Missing For Eight Years

The analysis of a skull used as a decoration in one man’s home showed that it belonged to a man who went missing eight years ago.

It sounds curious to find out that an object you own has a long history behind. Yet, this was surely not the case with a man who used a sunglasses-wearing skull to decorate his home, as it was found to actually be the skull of a man missing for eight years!

The skull was found in March 2019 in the Gobey area of the county, ten miles from the home where it was later displayed. The homeowner from Morgan County, Tennessee, said that someone had given it to them, and he had no idea that the item was related to a murder investigation!

It was the skull of a 79-year-old Junior Will McCann who went missing in 2012.

District Attorney General Russell Johnson explained:

“Someone subsequently placed the skull on a fireplace mantle where a pair of sunglasses were added. The skull remained there until the Sheriff’s Office was informed of its existence.”

The police detectives got the tip that his human remains were displayed in the home of an unnamed resident.

They took the skull and sent it to be tested at the Regional Forensic Center and the University of Tennessee Anthropology Department. The analysis showed that it had belonged to the poor Junior Will McCann.

Johnson added that one of McCann’s relatives, who has passed away since then, may have been the murderer.

In a Facebook post, he wrote:

“An extensive search was made — at the time of the skull being taken ‘into custody’ by the MCSO, TDOC, and others — of the area where the skull had been found (according to the man who supposedly found it).

 Speculation and rumor has been that Junior Willie McCann was possibly killed by a family member who is now deceased as well.”

Human Skull Discovered Sitting on Fireplace Mantle for Over a Year and Sporting Sunglasses Positively Identified as Man…

Posted by Russell Johnson on Monday, October 26, 2020

While the homeowner has not been linked to the murder, many question his decision to adorn his home with the skull. The area where the skull was found was now carefully searched, but no further remains were found.

The police asked anyone with information relating to McCann’s death to contact the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office at (423) 346-6262.

Let’s just hope that the investigation would prove to be fruitful, and justice to the perpetrator can help the victim’s family and friend finally find closure.