Sugar and Your Immune System

by Dr. Linus Pauling – Alternative Health Atlanta
Human body is able to protect itself from outside “invaders” like viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. The most important function of this defensive mechanism is its ability to identify and eliminate invaders.

Many of you probably do not know this fact about your immune system: Every kind of sugar can reduce your body’s defensive power by 75% or more within 4-6 hours.


This is nothing new. In 1970s, Dr. Linus Pauling, one of the most extraordinary researchers in microbiology, found that vitamin C stimulates body’s ability to fight cold. In the same research, Dr. Pauling also found that sugar greatly slows this process.

It is quite important to know this, because this information can help you prevent diseases and speed up the healing process. The idea that sugar is bad for your health is quite controversial, so you may want to check the following points regarding your immune system, and eventually understand what Dr. Pauling found.

1. How the body disposes of invaders

Special cells called “phagocytes” swallow bacteria, viruses, and other invaders. These cells engulf and absorb waste material, dangerous microorganisms, and foreign bodies in blood and tissues.

2. Vitamin C

Dr. Pauling found that white blood cells need vitamin C in order to engulf and absorb viruses and bacteria. Actually, a single white blood cell needs to contain 50 times the concentration of vitamin C as it is normally found in blood around it.

This is how Dr. Pauling invented the “take a vitamin C for a cold” theory. White blood cells need more vitamin C to maintain the 50-times concentration and to keep destroying bacteria and viruses. Vitamin C moves through the membranes into the white blood cells all the time. Now you know why it is important to increase the intake of vitamin C.

3. Sugar

Glucose is sugar in the simplest form found in blood. It has the same chemical structure as vitamin C. It is so similar that when a white blood cell pulls more vitamin C from the blood, glucose is often substituted by mistake.

If blood glucose goes beyond a certain concentration, the 50-times vitamin C concentration in white blood cells may drop because of the large amount of glucose it pulls in as a substitute for vitamin C.

If the blood sugar level is 120, white blood cells have 75% lower ability to absorb and destroy viruses and bacteria. Such blood sugar level is easily obtained by every normal person who eats sugary foods -- cakes, cookies, candies, soda, and even fruit juice. The vitamin C concentration in white blood cells takes 4-6 hours to reach the optimum 50-times concentration again.


It is not that wise to eat sugar if you suffer from a disease, including the often-recommended orange juice. Juices contain vitamin C, but white blood cells cannot get past the sugar and use the vitamin.

If you are on a health improvement program, sugar is your worst enemy. Same goes for injuries. White blood cells and other phagocytes remove dead cells and waste that are associated with the healing of the wound.

Learn how to avoid sugar and which substitutes you can use. And before you buy a cough syrup and notice it contains sugar, you will probably wonder what has happened to this eye-opening research that no one seems to be aware of.

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