Suffering From Back, Hip, or Knee Pain? Try These Quick & Easy Exercises

Pain is never tolerable, and no matter how you learn to put up with it, it can still obstruct your normal life.

Chronic pain occurs as a result of numerous factors, including stressful lifestyle, physical inactivity or a long-term health problem.

You have probably tried numerous treatments so far, but the pain still prevails and burdens your life. Treatments for relieving pain can cost a lot, and rarely bring full resolution of the problem.

However, some exercises you can do at home can help you deal with your persistent pain and enable you to restore your quality of life.

The exercises are suitable for people of all ages and dealing with different kinds of pain. Read the exercises descriptions below and learn how to perform them at home:

  1. Toe Walks

Toe walks are one of the most common techniques for dealing with pain. They are an essential part of every warm-up, especially among dancers. The main focus during toe walks is on the ligaments, muscles and feet.

If you practice toe walks regularly you will neutralize pain from other body areas as well. Walking on the tips of your toes for ten seconds per day is the key to no pain.

  1. Wall Calf Stretch

The calf muscles are rarely targeted when stretching is concerned, but are essential for your diminishing pain. It is relevant to tighten your calves as much as possible to prevent pain from happening altogether. This exercise also helps to lose knee pain as well.

  1. Pencil Pickups

This exercise is fairly simple but highly effective. Place a pen or pencil on the ground, and start picking it up with your toes. Count to ten while doing this and you will feel instant pain relief.

Put pen/pencil back and repeat until you feel improvement.

  1. Toe Presses

Warming up your feet is key to getting rid of constant pain from all over the body. Stand up and bend the knees a little bit. Then, gather toes on the inside and hold posture for 3 seconds. Repeat until you feel relief. The target zones from this exercise are the knees, hips and back.

  1. Half-Kneel Hip and Quad Stretch

This stretch aims for releasing quad muscles and hips pain. Kneel on one knee and keep other foot firm on the floor. The aim is to reach a 90 degrees angle with your bent knee.

Lean towards front leg and extend front leg from hip down. Hold ankle of the leg firmly on the ground and pull leg toward rear. This helps the hips and hamstrings stretch completely. Repeat 10-15 times to reduce pain.