Stunning Pictures Depict A Lizard That Fell Asleep Inside A Rose

No matter how much we try to create beautiful things, Mother Nature will always win! Nature never stops to amaze us with its simplicity. A Texas family was stunned when the daughter brought her mom a rose, with a tiny lizard sleeping inside it!

The sleepy little lizard decided to curl up for a nap -- burrowed inside the petals of a bright red rose. The unusual bedding arrangement was noticed when Megan Hixson went to give the flower a sniff.

She was thrilled at the sight of the lizard curled up asleep inside, so she quickly pulled out her phone to take photographs, as she knew this unusual sight would be interesting to the rest of the world as well.

Mrs. Hixson added that it looked so cozy and peaceful, so they couldn’t bear to disturb it.  Yet, it has certainly found an interesting place for a nap.

Megan took the photos of the adorable natural masterpiece and posted them under the username Cmycherrytree.

Uploading the photo on Imgur, she wrote: “My daughter picked me a rose…We got a surprise when we went to smell it.”

The cute and peaceful sleeping lizard quickly won the hearts of imgur users and spread all over the internet. People were thrilled to see this rare moment, and one Twitter user said:

“We all think our favorite babies are cute but nobody’s baby is as cute as a baby lizard sleeping in a rose.”

Another one added:

“Yeah, I’m sure you’ve been comfortable but have you ever been lizard sleeping in a rose comfortable?”

Megan said that she was fascinated that she witnessed it, aware that as long as she lives, she will probably never see it again.

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