Studies Show That Dogs Can Sense ‘Bad’ People

Do you know that dogs know when something bad is about to happen? It turns out that dogs can actually sense bad people. sort of.

According to studies, dogs notice when their owners are treated badly. A study showed that dogs don’t like treats from people who didn’t help their owners open a container.

It’s pretty natural that dogs remember somebody who has already treated their owner badly. But, they can also have a first impression of someone, and they may not even like that person.

One of the theories suggests that dogs can sniff out chemical changes in pheromones emitted by people. This is supposed to tell them that they have met a bad person.

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, and they can detect drops in blood sugar, bombs, drugs or cancer. So, it’s really possible that they detect chemical changes in the body.

When someone is aggressive, their brain chemistry changes and dogs can smell it which helps them determine if a person is dangerous. This excludes psychopaths as their brain chemistry doesn’t change, and dogs aren’t able to sense the warning.

Other theories suggest that dogs reflect their owners. If the owner is uncertain about a person, the dog will imitate its behavior.

There’s also a theory explaining that dogs and humans have a sixth sense of gut feeling. We usually ignore this, but dogs don’t.

Next time your dog barks at someone, pay attention to what it says, because your life may be in danger. Dogs are our best friends, and they would give their life to protect us. Maybe this sixth sense of gut feeling actually exists.