Student Walked Over 20 Miles To First Day Of New Job. CEO Hears About It And Gives Him Car

If you feel a bit under the weather today, this amazing story will definitely spark more positivity in your day!

A steadfast work ethic is as vital at the first as it is on the last day at work.

You have surely heard numerous stories about successful people who weren’t so successful at the beginning of their careers, and they are always inspiring and hope-restoring!

Well, we have another one of this kind for you today.

Back in the summer of 2018, a 20-year-old man got a job at Bellhops, an Alabama moving company.

However, the first location Walter Carr was assigned to was almost

20 miles away from his Homewood home and he would have to arrive early in the morning.

Things could have been much easier if he got there by car, but unfortunately, it broke down.

Yet, Carr didn’t use the opportunity to skip out on his first day nor turn up late.

The graduate from Birmingham College had no intention of turning up even a minute late- so, seeing his predicament, he set out on foot!

To have enough time to make the walk, he slept for only 4 hours the night before. When he woke up, at midnight, he put on some trousers so that the long grass on his path would not be too much of a hindrance, and set out from his home.

By 4 AM, Carr had arrived at Pelham. There, some police officers noticed the boy and asked him what he was doing at that time of the night.

Carr later recalled what he told the officers:

“It’s going to sound really crazy but I’m actually going to work.”

When he explained them all, the cops were amazed at his dedication to his job.

They treated him to something at the nearest Whataburger, and then took him to a local church, promising him to give him a ride to the job so that he would make it in time.

However, the young enthusiast could not wait, and when the cops returned, Carr was gone again!

He had started walking again, so when they eventually found him after searching for him, they gave him a ride to Lamey’s home, where his job was.

Little did he know that a surprise was awaiting him there!

Jenny Lamey, the owner of the home being moved, described the incident in a Facebook post, which almost immediately went viral, Here is how she came to know of Carr’s dedication:

 “Around 6:30 a.m. the doorbell rang. It was a police officer. He proceeded to tell us that he had picked up ‘this nice kid’ in Pelham early this morning. ‘The nice kid,’ Walter, said he was supposed to help us with our move today… You could tell how the officer told us this story that he had complete admiration for Walter and by my reaction he could tell I did too.”

Carr was actually earlier than the scheduled time on the spot, so the couple walked to him while they waited for the actual crew to arrive.

When the crew saw Carr at the job site, they were grateful that the recruit had even turned up, as apparently most did not.

When they heard the entire story, they were amazed!

All Walter had to say about his trek was:

“I walked.”

Everyone who heard of Carr’s story inspired and impressed everyone, from the police to the clients, and ordinary people on the streets.

Soon, the story reached the ears of Bellhops’ CEO Luke Marklin.

At this point, his dedication was deservedly rewarded!

Luke showed his gratitude with a gift – Marlin’s own new 2014 Ford Escape.

Marklin later in an interview said that he believed the car would be much better used by Walter at his job than in his hands.

Understandably, Walter could hardly hold back his tears when he got the gift.

He originally lived in New Orleans with his mother, but Hurricane Katrina had forced them to relocate to Birmingham, where they were doing their best to make ends meet.

At the presentation of the car, The Lamey’s were also there and talked about how much of an inspiration Walter was.

When it comes to working ethics, we can all take a page out of this humble youngster’s story,

All he wanted was a decent job and show his dedication.

Bravo, young man! We wish you nothing but success, you deserve it!