Street Singer Was Ignored By Everyone, Then 4 Kittens Came To Show Their Support

We all like to occasionally stand by and listen to street performers for a couple of minutes, especially during the holiday season, as their music shares even more joy and happiness.

Street singing, dancing, performing magic or any other tricks have been going on for centuries already, intending to entertain the masses in the hopes of some small change.

However, it is not that fun for those street performers that stay there to amuse you, especially if they do not get a bit of support and positive feedback.

Many people usually ignore their efforts and talent, just like in the case of this Malaysian busker from the video below, who spent the night singing out loud and playing the guitar.

When he was about to call it day, as nobody stood by to listen to him, he got the cutest little audience after all, as four 3-month-old kittens sat and listened to him. They were the most supportive crowd he could imagine!

These cuties sat in front of the musician without any movement whatsoever until the end of the show, and then, he thanked them for listening to him sing.

Researchers claim that cats are big fans of music. Pet Health Network explains that when kitties like a certain type of music, they will show their approval by either purring, moving their head towards, or moving towards wherever the sound is coming from.

What’s more, the owner of the video wrote that the best part was when, at one point, the kittens started to bob their fuzzy little heads along with the beat! The long-haired singer couldn’t believe what is happening, and he even starts laughing half-way through the performance in disbelief.