Street Boy Adopts A Homeless Dog And They Stay Together All The Time To Avoid Being Alone

Life can often be very hard, especially when you are a child living on the streets.

The uncertainty of every new day is often unbearable, but one amazing little kid found his comfort in a canine best friend.

Having a true friend by your side in life is always a blessing, and this story is another proof of it.

Pets are a source of pure, unconditional love, acceptance, and commitment.

Back in 2015, Maria Kabs, from Manila, Philippines, shared the story of the 11-year-old boy and his cute pet online, and it quickly went viral.

The boy, Rommel Quemenales, lives on the streets of Quezon City, in the Philippines, and he adopted his puppy three years go, and named him Badgi.

Their friendship is the best way to combat the solitude they struggled with before.

The parents of the boy separated when he was very young, and he ended up abandoned and without any financial support.

Rommel also has a sister who lives in another city nearby, and he often visits her when he can.

Unfortunately, he was often treated badly by other children and even policemen, who take the few coins he managed to earn during the day.

“I only ask for coins, I don’t steal anything,” said Rommel.

The poor state of the boy made Kabs determined to help him.

Here is one part of the daily life of little Rommel, and it has touched so many hearts:

Kabs then stated:

“These are some of the photos and videos of Rommel with Badgi. Please share with everyone to help him and his dog.”

Badgi is the best company the boy has ever had, since living alone on the streets, and whenever he can, Rommel teaches him tricks and they both have fun.

The biggest dream of the little boy was to go back to his school.

He only managed to go to second grade, and then had to leave. He dreamt of returning to his hometown, Bulacan, finishing his studies and becoming an actor one day.

Thanks to the efforts of many people and the story of him going viral online, the brave little boy is now in his hometown, attending classes and working on the creation of a better future for him and his great canine friend.

Rommel often made a living by singing songs, and you can listen to him performing in the link below:

His best friend, Badgi, is always by his side, regardless of the circumstances.

This friendship is proof of true love and loyalty!

Heartwarming, isn’t it?