Stray Dog Interrupts Performance To Help Actor Pretending To Be Hurt

A caring stray dog took part in a street performance without being invited on set, and spectators enjoyed his incredible performance

Stray dogs are really sweet despite the fact that most people say they are aggressive. the hero of our story actually interrupted a street performance to offer help. The poor dog thought that the actor was hurt and jumped straight away to help.

Numan Ertuğrul Uzunsoy is a Turkish performer. He was acting in a play with his friends in the streets of Izmit. At some point in the play, Numan “got injured” and fell to the ground. The most caring soul rushed to help, so the actor had to break character.

Performers were really surprised and the spectators liked the sight, too. The dog got really emotional, and they were melting.

The crowd cheered the compassionate stray. Performers didn’t know what to do so they tried to get the dog away from their friend.

“The character I played was injured and in great pain. He’d fallen off a horse and was breathing hard. I was very happy when I felt the dog’s kisses. I was very touched. He was like an angel who wanted to help me. It was a very emotional moment for me. I was not expecting it. My castmates loved the dog, and the audience was very happy. Everyone cheered.”

Numan returned to the spot the next day, and he really hoped to see his furry friend at the stage. The pup was nowhere to be seen. The performer promised to return to his performing spot every day until he sees the dog who wanted to “save” him.