Stray Cat Brings The Woman Who’s Been Feeding Her For A Couple Of Days To Meet Her Babies

Love is the most powerful force in the universe, and we should always be grateful for it. Animals are often more aware of it, and never forget to thank us for caring for them.

Gratitude is said to be the healthiest of human emotions, and over the last decade, therapists, motivational speakers, and counselors, all point out the importance of expressing gratitude and its power to transform lives.

But do animals feel it too? During the coronavirus pandemic, one cat found the cutest way to thank one selfless woman! Cats can make impressive companions, as they are incredibly cute curious, independent, and loyal.

A few months ago, Shea Prior noticed a stray cat in her yard. She started offering her food, and after a while, she gained the cat’s trust. Prior noticed that the cat was producing milk, and concluded that she had kittens somewhere close by.

A couple of months ago, Shea Prior noticed a cat around her yard 

In the beginning, Prior had no idea that she was actually helping a mama cat.

After some time, the cat allowed Prior to feed her  

While she was petting the cat, she picked her up and saw she had milk, so she had been nursing her babies.

Several days afterward, Prior realized that the cat was a mom and had babies somewhere 

She was excited to meet her family and help and kept telling the cat that she believes her kittens are pretty and she wants to see them. The mama cat led Prior to her babies the next day.

She said: “I was petting her and went to pick her up and that’s when I realized she had milk in and had been nursing some babies.”

Prior said: “She came running up to me and rubbed on my leg while making her little croaking noise she does. She led me over to my shed and I looked and saw a couple little fluffballs staring back at me. She flopped over on her side and started calling to them to come out and see me.”

The woman asked the cat to show her the babies so she could help 

At first, the kittens were too scared to come out. Yet, after a while, a little gray one came “with his little pointy tail held up high in the air” and allowed Prior to pet him. After about 15 minutes, they all came to her and allowed her to hold them and pet them.

It seems that the mama cat understood her and brought her to her babies the next day 

Prior was determined to help the family. Within days, she had found homes for all the five kittens once they are old enough to be adopted.

“I will be adopting mama cat to live with me and my other two sweet girlies! All the babies have found homes and will be adopted as soon as mama is ok with it. But for now, everyone is doing great. I started a GoFundMe for vet bills to get mama spayed, and get babies checked out.”

She took Prior by her shed, laid down on her side and started calling her kittens to come out and meet her

Prior explains that she is unemployed due to the coronavirus, so she can’t afford to take care of the family now, so she wrote that “anything will help, and if there is anything left after vet bills, the remainder will be donated to my local no-kill animal shelter.”

The woman adopted the cat and two of her babies are staying with her too 

All the other kittens have found homes too, so as soon as they get older, they will be adopted