Stop Using Cotton Buds Immediately: Doctor Discovered The Most Effective Way For Cleaning Your Ears

Most of us use cotton buds to clean the ears from wax and dirt, but apparently, they do more harm than good. According to experts, the regular use of cotton buds lead to serious health issues and might even cause inflammation or obstruction.

Moreover, according to the famous popular Dr. David Gill, an American pediatrician, the ear wax should not be removed by force from the ear, but to use some more efficient methods.

According to him, the needed ingredients are already in your kitchen cabinet. You should soak a piece of cotton in some oil and place it into the ear in order to soften the earwax.

Next, just shake the head to move the earwax towards the outer canal. Then, wait for 3 minutes, and apply several drops of the oil into the ear.

If this method does not help you, mix medicinal alcohol and vinegar in equal amounts, and wash the ears with this mixture.

Yet, you can choose the method you prefer, but make sure you no longer use cotton buds in order to avoid any side-effects.