Stay Strong

Being a woman in this world is quite a challenge, and unfortunately we still struggle with gender equality issues. However, some women are able to put up with any issue and challenge on their way, and these are the women we admire.

Strong women have brilliant qualities, and everyone can learn from their way of handling life. Are there any strong women in your surrounding? If you don’t know what strong women look like, here’s how to recognize one.

1. Strong women don’t frame success through gender criteria

In some countries, women aren’t allowed to leave the house without a male person. Yes, there are strong women in Saudi Arabia and other similar places, but most women in these countries can’t leave the house without their husband.

In other parts of the world, strong women have their own views of their success and life. These women will never say they are too successful “for a women.” Strong women know their rights, and they have the same rights as men.

2. Strong women aren’t afraid of their sexual life

Remember all the rumors boys made in high school? Some girls were called”sl*ts.” Well, strong women always define their sexuality and don’t even pay attention to rumors.

3. Strong women like being single

Strong women are independent and know how to live life without a partner. They aren’t afraid to be alone. When in relationship, strong women lean on their partners, but never depend on them.

4. Strong women improve all the time

Strong women develop all the time, and they keep improving their definition. They learn new things and soak up good information and fresh ideas. A strong woman will always try to be better.

5. Strong women have high purpose

These women are well aware of their purpose and actually honor it. a strong woman will always be what she wants to be.

6. No gender roles

Feminism is much more than just putting women on high positions. A feminist won’t try to conquer the world. In other words, being a feminist means that you are the women you dreamed to become. A strong woman will never surrender to tradition.

Women have the right to be a CEO, professor or doctor. They also have the right to be moms and housewives. Women have the right to pick their role in life.