Start The Spring With A Healthy Body

Beautiful springtime takes a strong swing, so winter clothes and cold weather already become past, and it’s time to prepare for summer. It’s time to take out the summer clothes, it’s time to arrange and green up the yard, it’s time to add a spring on your table …

Time to cleanse the organism

-Spring cleaning is the most important thing you can do. By following the tips for spring cleaning of the organism, you will get rid of the toxins that have accrued through the winter. Simply, you will “restart” your metabolism and allows the conditions of proper functioning.

Spring soup
-Soup should not be only a winter dish. Soup is a meal that should be used in all seasons, especially in spring and summer. Spring soup should be rich with various vegetable. The vegetable soup will keep the rehydration of the body, and is also easy to digest, low calorie, and it is a great choice in all spring diets. Avoid adding spices or similar sauces in dishes when the weather is hot.

Lemon juice

-- Lemon is a fruit that is created to clean and to maintain the organism.
Drain one lemon and fill up the cup with warm water. Drink this beverage every morning on an empty stomach. It’s the ideal way to cleanse the organism.

It’s time for salads
--Fresh salad should be on your daily meal. Irresistible taste of lettuce, the beautiful scallions, tomatoes, and what nature has to offer to us in this age of year, we have to use it to maximum, i.e. to eat fresh salads more often. Eating fresh salads will satisfy the organism with all necessary nutrients and minerals needed for energy and vitality throughout the day.

Time for exercise

-Practice easy and less strenuous exercise, but use them regularly. Remember: while exercising, refresh the body with water or some juice made from delicious freshly squeezed fruit. If you have no idea from where to start, we are recommending the following exercises:

Time for a picnic

-Use every free day and go somewhere where you can enjoy in the beauty of spring. You do not have to go to the mountain, it’s recommended to find the nearest green place that is away from urban congestion. If you are making picnic at least twice a month, you will notice how your mood will be improving, and you will be happy and full of energy.

Green, the color of spring

-Green color or the color of spring, the color of nature, the color that soothes, resting, relaxing, brings health and joy … Color that should be “eaten by mouth” and the eyes… Green salads, green trees, green nature, health that circulate…