Sometimes You Just Need To Hear How Much You Mean To Someone

Actions speak louder than words, it’s true, but we should never forget the power of the magical words “I love you” and ‘You mean the world to me’.

While we are often told to pay attention to other people’s actions, not their words, we all sometimes feel the need to be told that we are loved and appreciated. This is not a sign of weakness, but a normal human need to hear that other people value us, recognize us, and care about us.

People can show their love and affection in numerous ways, but saying it is one of the most beautiful ones. A deficit of either can ruin any relationship.

We might sense someone’s affection, feel that we are loved, but a verbal expression of these feelings is always welcome. We feel cherished when we hear the verb “love”, as we perceive it with all our senses.

Psychologist and dating expert Melanie Schilling claims that “the L-word is a defining factor in an intimate relationship and verbalizing it signifies the depth and seriousness of the union.”

She adds:

“In modern relationships, it has become a signpost for moving into a deeper stage of the relationship, a symbol of commitment and a perceived emotional safety-net. It’s the green light to move forward, open up, bare all and get vulnerable together.”

A strong relationship should never be deprived of romantic words, as their lack might trigger doubt and fear. A healthy and stable relationship cannot be based on phrases like “you already know what I feel” or “if I’m with you, there’s a reason”.

When someone tells us that we are loved, it inspires us, motivates us, and makes us happy. This strengthens the bond and boosts the trust between us.

When a person in need of an emotional embrace is forced to interpret affection through actions and nonverbal cues, they might grow tired and frustrated.

According to Maria Montessori:

“The development of language is part of the development of the personality, for words are the natural means of expressing thoughts and establishing understanding between people”. 

This just confirms the importance of both, actions and words.

Little children are the ones that need to hear phrases like “thank you”, “you are amazing” or “I love you” the most. If they are told they are cared for, they feel protected, confident, and loved. Loving and kind words are like food to little kids.

Kids raised by cold parents become insecure and unconfident adults. The distance they feel is not mitigated later in life, and they might even develop behavioral and cognitive disorders.

The failure to communicate feelings leads to kids that bully other kids, conflicting partners, and unsupportive colleagues.

Another crucial aspect is to express these feelings face to face, not on social media. Make sure you always find the time to tell your loved ones that they mean to you in person.

Communication is essential in every relationship, so do not hesitate to show and reveal your feelings to the ones you care about.

A strong and long-lasting relationship is the one in which the actions and the words mirror each other.