Someone Started A Curly Eyelash Trend And We Can’t Wait For It To Stop

Some trends are just pain in the eye. Literally. It’s funny how some people would do the unthinkable to attract attention. Some of them are convinced that their role is to encourage others to free themselves.

Trends come and go, and we know a few people who would love to put an end to the curly lash trend.

Sofie Petersen was the first to start off this trend. The makeup artist and Instagram celebrity likes to play with bizarre looks, and thousands of fans follow her.

“Puberty isn’t over,” Sofie captioned her recent photos.

Do these look like lashes to you? Some were surprised and others were shocked. There were too many No-Nos.

Sofie wanted to encourage people to try something new. She does teardrop, vegan, bloody and many more styles.