Someone Put Down A Huge Stone To Stop Curb Jumpers And Capture The Fools That Ignore It

In West Omaha, someone put a rock to stop drivers from cutting the corner, and it is catching everyone’s attention for its ability to wreck cars.

Apparently, there is a curb entering into a parking lot in West Omaha, and too many people were jumping it in a hasty attempt to get to their destination of choice a little sooner.

Therefore, someone decided to discourage such behavior by placing a large rock on the grass edge in between the road and the lot. The rock now serves as a ramp, so if a car hits it with just a little bit of force, it gets stuck right on top of it.

The hilarious thing about it all is that bad drivers are routinely ignoring it! The incidents have been documented by locals, and some of them are even shared in a Facebook group, The W Maple Omaha Rock.

Christle Menchaca, who has witnessed the incidents while working in the UPS store in the Hy-Vee shopping plaza, explained that the vehicles are continually getting stuck on the rock in a parking lot near 156th Street and West Maple Road.

Menchaca, 23, and fellow UPS worker Krystal Ann Hansen, 30, started the Facebook page about two days after being interviewed by a local television reporter about the many vehicles that have run afoul of the boulder.

The rock was put as a solution for the numerous drivers who were jumping the curb at this place

One of the members of the Facebook group, Devon Barnett, says:

 “I honestly am not sure when the rock was put into place. I did use to work for the Hy-Vee store that is right by the rocks, and I believe it was there when I was working there back from 2000-2010.”

However, it did not seem to stop them: 

She continues:

“I know the rock was put there because a lot of people would drive over the curb and get flat tires. It would also cause giant holes where the grass is being ripped out and where rain would collect and make a giant mud puddle.”

Yet, she adds that he believes people just do not pay attention when driving.

Since Omaha’s police don’t investigate accidents on private property, they have not been tracking the problem, so there’s no clear record of the number of cars that have high-centered on the rock.

Without a doubt, the rock is becoming a local celebrity.

“Now that there are Facebook pages and Twitter pages, I think it started to pick up steam on Twitter first, and then a Facebook profile was created last week. I do have a picture of what was in the baggie on the ground, next to the rock in the photo you shared of me in the article.”

So, in case you are going to Omaha soon, make sure you take a photo with this true rock star!

According to the Driving Instructor Blog, people cannot make a corner with their vehicles due to a few reasons. For instance, many when they’re turning left, instead of looking at where they’re going while they’re turning, they’re still looking at some oncoming traffic down the road.

Also, some turn the steering wheel too soon, before the car has reached an appropriate part of the intersection/road (cutting the corner). On the other hand, if one turns the steering wheel too late, the car can go too far past the adequate point.

Instead of jumping the curb, they were getting stuck on the rock!

These mistakes sometimes happen due to fast speed, so it is recommended to slow to 20 km/hr before turning, no matter what the circumstance.

Due to the numerous incidents, they even created a Facebook group

People post pictures on the page 

This rock is surely loved by tow truck companies 

The rock is now a famous local place

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