Someone Created A Chair For People Who Love To Sit Cross-Legged At Their Desk

Scientists, innovators, and companies are working hard to ease our everyday life as much as possible. We often come across products that we have never thought we need or items that we never hoped they existed.

A unique piece of furniture, named Soul Seat, is one of them. The goal of this creation by an American company Health by Design is to make cross-legged sitting more enjoyable.

This sitting posture is common in millions of people, but after some time, it might cause cramps and pain in the knees and calves due to the restricted blood flow.

The seat has a top perch, which can be adjusted to different heights, a lower platform where you can fold or cross your legs, and detachable legs.

The company explained that it improves posture since it “tilts the pelvis forward, opens the hips, and lets the spine align to a comfortable, neutral position”.

According to the company’s website:

“Designer and founder, Pack Matthews, was frustrated with how conventional ergonomic chairs left him in pain and offered no options for changing position while working at the computer.

Collaborating with friends, a physical therapist, yoga instructors, fine woodworkers, and industrial engineers, Pack developed Health by Design’s first product, the Soul Seat.”

The unique design has been registered with the US Patent Office.

After trying out yoga for some time, Matthews came up with the idea of the seat, and it eventually helped him do poses that he had never tried before.

“With this product, Pack’s dream of never needing a conventional chair again became a reality. Now he starts his day on his yoga mat, switching to work on the computer, and ending the day stretching on the yoga mat before bed without ever having to use a conventional chair.”

Matthews said that he designed the seat mainly for yogis and Malaysians who love to Bersila (sit cross-legged), and it became a huge success.

Asian natives practice this seating posture from childhood, so a Malaysian artist, AzyanDraws tweeted a photo of the seat, and wrote:

“For those who love to sit cross-legged, I have found the perfect chair for you.”

The post went viral and has so far garnered over 42,000 reactions.

If you are interested in buying one, you should know that the price of the regular Soul Seat is $875, the floor model variety costs $575, and the Bamboo Soul Seat retails for $1,200.

The seats can be made from two materials, Primera and Pendleton wool, and in several colors, black, chalk, merlot, blueprint, grey, marine, and doe.

Also, the wooden leg of the Bamboo Soul Seat can be in three colors – amber, natural, and wheat.

According to the website:

“The products offered at Health By Design are handcrafted from renewable materials wherever possible. In each new design, we strive to increase the percentage of low impact parts.

Our metal fabricators utilize 80% recycled steel for the core of the Soul Seat, and because the production of the Soul Seat is centrally located in the Midwest, the largest portion of the Seat’s carbon footprint from shipping is reduced.”

Additionally, the chair has been created without back support on purpose, as it is designed to “support our healthy body’s daily dance with gravity.”

The company said that customers have reported that the regular use of the Soul Seat increased their focus and energy levels, and thus improved their productivity, increased flexibility, alleviated lower back pain and muscle stiffness, and strengthened their core muscles.