Smart Capybara Family Figures Out How To Use The Crosswalk

Animals are often genius, but many of them simply fascinate with their wit! Apart from being adorable, the largest rodents in the world, Capybaras, are apparently the perfect pedestrians!

These semi-aquatic mammals are related to guinea pigs and rock cavies and are distant relatives to agouti and chinchillas.

They live throughout much of northern and central South America, and a small invasive population has also been seen in Florida.

Recently, a curious scene impressed passersby in Cuiabá, Brazil. Namely, a large group of capybaras had gathered near a crosswalk along a busy three-lane road.

But watch the video to see the details!

It was posted onto Facebook by José Francisco Salomé Figueira on June 11, and it immediately went viral!


Fila para atravessar a avenida. Cuiabá/MT

Posted by José Francisco Salomé Figueira on Thursday, June 11, 2020

These smart rodents were waiting patiently for the break in traffic, so they can safely cross. They have figured out the rules of road safety!


If you found these wild animals cute, you’ll be happy to learn that they are incredibly friendly and make excellent pets!