The Sleep-Sock Trick You Can Use to Fall Asleep Faster, Avoid Cracked Heels And Stay Cool

The crucial important of sleep cannot be negated, as it is needed for the body to undergo the vital regenerative processes which promote restoration and health.

The lack of sleep leads to fatigue and impeded function of the entire body, so it is of high importance that you get the needed 8-hour sleep every night.  Moreover, some people wear their socks during the night, as they can easily drift off, and we will reveal the reasons for this.

Namely, sleeping with the socks on provides many advantages and makes it easier to drift off, as this habit will warm the feet, dilate the blood vessels within them and thus send a signal to the brain that it is time for sleep.

According to research, the dilation in extremities (vasodilation) and the speed of falling asleep are related, so if you manage to speed up the dilation of the blood vessels in the feet you will succeed to fall asleep quicker.

Moreover, as soon as the body gets hot, the body will try to cool it to a pleasant temperature, and you will thus fall asleep. Apart from this, the habit of sleeping with the socks on has other health benefits as well:

Prevents Raynaud’s Disease

This disease is rare, and it affects the blood cells and leads to an overreaction to cold temperatures which, in severe cases, can cause sores or necrosis (tissue death). As this habit regulates the body temperature, it also helps you prevent this condition.

Prevent Cough

A popular Russian remedy includes the application of dried mustard powder inside the socks and wearing another pair on top, in order to treat a cough.

Treat Dry Skin

Individuals with bouts of dry skin often wake up with dry and cracked feet, especially during the winter. You can treat this issue by applying a moisturizing cream before going to sleep, and wear cotton socks overnight. In the morning, your feet and heels will be softer and moisturized.

Prevent Night Sweat and Hot Flash

This habit regulates the body temperature during the sleep, so you will successfully prevent hot flashes and night sweats, which can often cause sleep disturbance.

Treat Fever

You can treat the fever by sleeping with socks previously soaked in apple cider vinegar. This will also boost the immune system and ease the breaking down of waste. However, note that if you are currently taking liquid medication or sleeping peels, you should not use this remedy.

Warm Your Feet

The consumption of red pepper stimulates circulation in the fingers and toes, so if you put red pepper spice or cayenne pepper into the socks or shoes, you will achieve the same effect.

In this way, you will dilate the blood vessels under the skin on the feet and boost extra blood flow, which will cause warmth to the feet. This sensation may occur gradually or immediately, and it also depends on the amount of pepper used.

It is really important to wear proper socks, in order to obtain best effects from the sleeping with them.

First of all, in terms of hygiene, you should change the socks at bedtime, and not go to bed with the ones that you have worn the entire day, in order to prevent accumulation of bacteria which can lead to fungal infections.

Also, make sure you wash the feet well, and dry them properly, especially the areas between the toes. Moreover, your socks should not be too thick or made from some unnatural material, as they do not let enough airflow around the feet.

Thus, your feet may sweat a lot as they become too warm, and lead to increased bacteria production. Therefore, your socks should be made from natural fibres.

The following tips can help you additionally improve your sleep:

  1. Reduce food and drinks in the evening

Your sleep may be disrupted by too much food or drinks before going to bed, especially if you consume foods that are difficult to digest. Namely, the digestive system needs to digest the food and you face difficulties to fall asleep.

Also, the consumption of alcohol may make you drowsy or even pass out, so you will not be able to get a good, deep sleep. Moreover, avoid drinking too many liquids before going to bed, as you will need to empty the bladder during the night.

  1. Limit Light Exposure

In order to get a good night sleep, you should reduce the exposure to light. A recent research done by neurological experts from George Washington University suggested that your sleeping process may be obstructed by exposure to harsh electrical lights, laptop, TV, or PC screens.

Even though many believe that dark light is the best environment, low-power lamp light at bedtime may relax the retinas and help you easily fall asleep.

  1. Set a Fan Beside the Bed

You can use an electronic fan in order to avoid too much noise when you are trying to fall asleep, as the gentle sound of the breeze upon your pillow will distract you from the noise and help you fall asleep.

  1. Stimulants

You should avoid stimulants throughout the day in order to be able to easily fall asleep, including coffee and other products high in caffeine. Also, note that decaffeinated coffee sold in chain restaurants may include caffeine as found in a consumer report done in 2007. You should also avoid nicotine from the cigarette smoke as it may increase the heart rate.

  1. Hot Bath

A nice hot bath before sleeping can be extremely beneficial as the body lowers the temperature naturally during the night, and the bath will increase it and lead to a steeper fall than what naturally occurs. Therefore, you can improve your sleep by lying in a bath for about half an hour, 2 hours before you go to bed.

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