Single Mom Facing Homelessness Built A $10K Tiny Home Instead Of Taking Out A $300K Mortgage

Charlotte Sapwell went through a lot in her life, and she didn’t have any other choice but sell her organs. Of course, she didn’t do it, and didn’t even think of entering the world of escorts.

The mom was left without an income and home after a terrible breakup. Moving with her parents wasn’t a permanent solution. She became depressed and anxious. She felt like she is doing things wrong, and perceived her life as a complete failure.

A mortgage wasn’t an option either. She would end up in $400,000 AUD worth of debt.

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Charlotte liked the idea of her adopted grandpa. He helped her develop some nice skills and build a new home. It was tiny, but adorable and helpful.

The mom took an old site office and sold the items that were inside it. Her budget was under $13.000 AUD, and the managed to turn the office into a real home with a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen/living room. She slept there, too.

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The new home was built in five months, and was three by six meters. Charlotte and the kids lived in a big house, and after the breakup they lived into a tiny rented unit. However, this small house is her favorite.

The construction of the new home was a challenge she accepted, and she ended up liking it. Charlotte is now working on building another tiny home for a family member. Her future plans involve building and selling tiny houses.

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According to her, we shouldn’t be afraid of changes. There’s nothing wrong in dreaming big and living small.